BIOTRONIK Expands the Peripheral Portfolio with a New Treatment Tool for Interventions in Complex Lesions

April 11, 2019

Carnelian Support Catheter from Tokai Medical Products (T.M.P) is Now Commercially Available through BIOTRONIK in Most European Countries

BUELACH, Switzerland, April 10, 2019 – BIOTRONIK has launched the Carnelian®(1) Support catheter,(2) designed to improve the access for treatment of tortuous and highly calcified lesions. Carnelian Support is indicated for the exchange and support of guidewires into peripheral vasculature.(3)

Up to 40% of patients with symptomatic peripheral artery disease present with a chronic total occlusion (CTO).(4) If only a guidewire is used to cross the CTO, there is a risk it will buckle once it encounters resistance by atherosclerotic plaque, stopping it from advancing further. Carnelian Support is designed to prevent this buckling by enhancing guidewire control and allowing CTO crossing.

Carnelian Support comes in five models and has a low tip profile of 1.6 and 1.8 French. Its tungsten braided shaft and platinum marker contribute to high kink resistance and excellent radiopaque visibility. The catheter’s multi-segment shaft design provides a smooth transition from the soft distal tip allowing trackability to the stiffer proximal part that ensures additional push.

“I was impressed by the Carnelian Support and Japanese crossing technique that enable the treatment of very complex lesions, as I recently had a chance to demonstrate in live cases at CLIC 2019,” explained Dr. Marco Manzi, Policlinico Abano Terme, Italy. “The Carnelian Support catheter is the right tool to tackle the most challenging crossings even in below-the-ankle (BTA) arteries.”

Partnership with T.M.P to Offer European Physicians More Innovative Solutions

The launch of the Carnelian Support marks the start of a partnership between BIOTRONIK and Tokai Medical Products. “At BIOTRONIK we believe that innovation matters,” stated Dr. Alexander Uhl, Senior Vice President Corporate Marketing at BIOTRONIK. “Especially for those patients with complex lesions, interventionalists need the best tools available. This is why we are bringing this innovative technology, already well established and proven on the Japanese market to the European market.”

About Tokai Medical Products

Tokai Medical Products (T.M.P.) is an R&D-oriented company active in the medical device field. Since its founding, T.M.P.’s driving force has been to “Save As Many Lives As Possible,” and its mission has been to reflect the opinions of research and development workers in the medical field from the patient's point of view. Our goal is to serve those who are suffering from illness and disease by dedicating all of our efforts to the development of high-tech medical devices.


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1 Carnelian is a trademark or registered trademark of Tokai Medical Products, Inc.

2 BIOTRONIK is the official European distributor for Carnelian Support outside of Spain and Portugal.

3 Excluding central circulatory system and neurovasculature; indicated as per IFU: Tokai Medical Products. Tokai Microcatheter, Carnelian Support IFU. 2017/12 (Rev.4).

4 Bhatt H. et al. Crossing techniques and devices in femoropopliteal chronic total occlusion intervention. Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine. 2017.