This case example outlines the successful management of a patient with critical limb ischemia and femoral pseudoaneurysm who was found to have severe silent coronary ischemia by pre-operative coronary computed tomography angiogram and FFRCT assessment. | Read More
This single center study demonstrated that dual antegrade and retrograde access technique significantly increases the success of CTO crossing versus single access in complex peripheral artery disease patients.  | Read More
This manuscript looks at the technical aspects and techniques useful to successfully treat these patients and improve the chances for a good outcome.   | Read More
Figure 1.
Prior to the affiliation of a peripheral interventional cardiologist within BMC, the institution performed zero peripheral angiograms and 56 major amputations. In just a few short years, CVSCM facilitated an 87.5% decrease in the institution’s amputation rate. | Read More